Monday, February 29, 2016

Mystery Monday with Gracie

Ok, so as I was saying last time we chatted, it was almost time to go home when the fire alarm rang. Normally this isn't a huge deal ... but it was pouring rain and we were packing up to go home- and did I mention that we smelled smoke??

Yes, you heard me, 

I grabbed my backpack and walked quickly in line behind Ms. T.  Now if there's one thing you should know about a super spy like me, it's that I always have my spy supplies.  Yep, my backpack not only has my books and school stuff in it, but it also has my binoculars, duct tape, pen, and notebook- because a girl never knows when that kind of stuff will come in handy.


When we got outside, we lined up at the edge of the playground.  Ms. T came over to me and asked if she could use my binoculars.  I couldn't believe it- she has never asked to use them before.  I quickly pulled them out of my bag and she began to search the school grounds.  In the distance, we heard a siren.  As it got closer, we realized it was the honking of a fire engine.

We were all getting wetter by the minute with no umbrellas, but no one was paying any attention to the rain.  We were all in shock as we watched the firemen run into our school.

You know, I must say that firemen have a dangerous job.  Everyone else runs out of a burning building, and they run into it.  I call that a hero.

We couldn't really smell smoke any longer, but the rain was probably taking care of that.  This is about the time that panic started setting in.  All of the parents that pick their kids up every day started running around like crazy to find their kid.  The teachers were checking kids off their roll list and the place was clearing out in a hurry.

There were only six kids left in my class by the time the firemen came back out of the school.  The chief held a megaphone up to his mouth and told us that everything was fine.  
There was a small box in his hand with something inside. I stood on my tiptoes to try and see what he had, but no luck. 

"There is no need for panic," the fireman said, "everything is under control. We found the source of the alarm."  He pulled a bag from the box. It was partially black and had a big hole in the top. 

"It looks like someone forgot about the bag of popcorn they placed in the microwave. Let this be a lesson to all of you. This could have caused a fire. The outcome could have been totally different."

We all looked around at each other. No one looked guilty, but then no one would probably ever admit to that mistake. 

Wow- all of this over a bag of popcorn? I couldn't believe it. We slowly went back inside and gathered our things and went back out to the buses. I wonder who did it... I sat on the bus and got my binoculars out and scanned the people still standing around in bunches. As we pulled out, I noticed Mrs. Trummel, the brand new secretary,  with her head in her hands and her shoulders shaking...

Hmmm, looks like she's the guilty one. Poor thing- it was her first day on the job.   Oh well, I guess we all learned to keep an eye on the microwave. 

Oh well- until next week---
Stay curious and keep Jesus as your bestest friend. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mystery Monday with Gracie

Guess what?  I've been invited to visit this blog every week to talk about mysteries.  How cool is that?  I never dreamed that anyone would ask me- Miss Graceanne Faith- to be a guest blogger.
Actually, I didn't even know that guest bloggers existed until two days ago.

But anyway, here I am to tell you all about the exciting world of a super spy.  


 Yep, that's me- with my binoculars.  I've seen quite a lot of crazy things looking into those things.  Take today, for instance, I was sitting in my fifth-grade classroom, minding my own business (I really was- you can believe me) when I came across something fishy.  We were working on our science project and I finished up early (an awesome result of doing my homework is extra 'spying' time at school).  And when I say fishy- I mean fishy.  There was a weird, awful, terrible, horrible, disgusting smell coming from Braydon's bookbag.  This wasn't the weird part because boys' bookbags usually smell kinda barfy.  The weird thing was it smelled like something had died in the bag- weeks ago.  
I slowly pulled out my binoculars and zoomed in on the culprit.  The big part of the bag that holds all of his books looked normal.  At first, I didn't see anything, but after close examination (zooming in as much as I could) 
I saw it.  
There was something in one of the side pockets.  
I leaned in closer and almost fell out of my seat.  I couldn't tell what it was from where I was sitting.  My teacher, Ms. T, says we can go to the classroom book nook corner and read when we finish our work, so I grabbed my copy of 'Nancy Drew' and dove into a bean bag seat with a perfect view.

That's when it became mega-clear what I saw.  A napkin from the cafeteria with a half-eaten fish sandwich inside.  Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal, but we had fish sandwiches ...


Yes, you read that right- that disgusting mess had been there for days.  I gagged at the thought of it.  I wrote a note to Ms. T and told her about my discovery.  She took care of it.

Brayden threw it away ---
Ms. T sprayed the bag with some kind of disinfecting stuff ---
And I settled back down with my binoculars ---

And then, it was just an ordinary day in our little room.  
That is ... until the fire alarm rang ... in the pouring rain ...
with only ten minutes left in the school day ... 
and, all of the sudden, we smelled smoke.

But, I will have to tell you that story next week on
 Mystery Monday
Because mom is making dinner- 
and the chicken pot pie just came out of the oven.
Gotta Go-

Stay curious
and always keep Jesus as your bestest friend!